Gert Vlok Nel


Gert Vlok Nel is a singer and poet from South-Africa. After seeing a documentary on television i was impressed and moved by the music of this shy and quiet man. The music is melancholic and “real”; although mostly sung in Afrikaans you just feel what he has to say. Genre: folk, singer/songwriter.

This week Munich Records rolled out the new version of the CD “Beaufort-Wes se Beautiful Woorde”. As an extra you get the documentary on DVD.

Beautiful from Beaufort-Wes indeed… Very.

The CD/DVD is available at (Dutch).


4 thoughts on “Gert Vlok Nel”

  1. I went to school with Gert, I currently live in NZ and by chance saw his Beaufort Wes documentary. Needless to say I enjoyed the programme. Brought back fond memories of a special place that we all wanted to escape from in one way or the other. Gert succeeded in doing this through his poetry, some of us by leaving altogether!! Skryf terug Gert.

  2. By chance saw the documentary , Beaufort Wes, on Sunday 19 November. Had’nt heard (or thought) much a bout Afrikaans since leaving SA 5 years ago and I felt really inspired by his music/poetry and the beautifiul scenery of Beaufort West, where my mother was born and grew up.
    All very touching.
    I now want to listen to his music.

  3. Beautiful in Beaufort-Wes is ‘n beautiful song – dankie dat jy dit geskryf het en ek dink Theuns Jordaan sing dit beautiful.

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